I always love adding a variety of lights throughout my home and I always love lanterns. We are always creating fun and unique items here at The Shabby Tree and I wanted an easy way to create a few lace images on a lantern. I have a variety of lace curtains that I am always picking up at yard sales and thrift stores and I just know we can easily creating a few lace images on glass using a lace curtain. This can be done on a variety of glass items and you will be amazed at how easy and fun this is.

I will be creating a glass lantern with lace star images and the supplies I will be using are:

1. Four 8×10 picture frames (mine are from Walmart)

2. Hot glue (I am using gorilla hot glue but any hot glue will work)

3. Lace curtain

4. Spray paint (I am using Expresso and Heirloom White)

5. Wooden stars (I bought a pack of these in Walmart)

The first step is to remove all of the backing from the frames. You will want to save the backing for another craft we will not be using it for this. I set the glass aside and I removed all of the small metal tabs from the inside of the frames. You can leave them if you want but I will be adding hot glue to hold my glass in place.

I then spray painted all four of my frames with the Expresso spray paint.

You will let them dry and then I started on the glass pieces.

I will be placing 3 wooden star cut outs on each piece of glass. You can use any image that you want.

I then spray painted over the glass with the Expresso spray paint. You will want to be sure not to let the stars move around while you spray paint over them.

Once you have covered the glass with the Expresso spray paint and it is completely dry you will want to remove the wooden stars.

The next step is to lay the lace curtain over the glass.

I then sprayed the Heirloom White over the glass.

When you lift the lace you will see the beautiful lace effect.

You will have created two sides that have two totally different looks.

You will want to insert your glass pieces back onto all four frames. I will be inserting mine with the whole lace print facing out. You can insert them either way and it depends on how you want your image to appear. I want my star image to stand out at night when the light is glowing.

I added hot glue all around the glass to secure it all in place. You will then want to glue all four frames together to create your lantern. Be sure to use picture frames that have a flat side to them so that they can easily be glued together.

I place three battery operated candles in the center and then the magic happens. This looks amazing at night and you can add sting lights or candles to the center.

This is so fun and easy to create and there are so many different ways to get creative with it. You can use a variety of items to create your image and you can use different glass item. I created a lantern and I also got creative with an old glass window.

I hope you will have fun, get creative and give this a try.