The holidays are around the corner and if you love giving cookies or baked goods then you’re going to love this DIY. You can make this for a holiday but it can be made for an everyday use as well.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Glass plate (mine is from the Dollar tree)

2. Mod podge

3. Paint brush

4. Scissors

5. Material of your choice (I’m using an old doily and some muslin material)

First thing to do is make sure your plate is clean. Flip your plate over and cover the back side with mod podge. I then placed my doily onto the plate and added more mod podge onto the doily.





I then placed my muslin on top and placed mod podge over the muslin. I used my fingers to make sure the muslin was all flat and pressed evenly over the whole plate.
Once my material was starting to dry I took my scissors and trimmed the material around the plate. I then added a little more mod podge around the edging to secure the material to the plate.
You now have a unique and decorative serving dish. I would not put this in the dish washer or sink. I would just wipe the front of the plate off with a wet rag. You can use a variety of materials or napkins for this Diy. When my plate was complete I placed it on top of one of my silver platters to make it a bigger statement piece. My plate with the doily is still in the process of drying which is why your still seeing some white from the mod podge. The mod podge will dry clear.