My son has played travel baseball for a long time and we seem to have accumulated a lot of baseballs. I knew I wanted to use some to create some fun and easy Americana decor which led to this DIY! For this DIY you could use either baseballs or softballs.

The supplies you will need for this are:

1. Baseballs (new or used)

2. Paint brush

3. Paint (red, white and blue)

I took a wide and flat paint brush to add red stripes to the baseball. The baseball has two pieces that are stitched together. One piece will be your red stripes and the other piece will be the blue with stars.

You will need to paint the blue on and let it completely dry before painting on the stars.

I am just using white paint and creating some small stars.

These are so easy to make and they make great fillers for a dough bowl. You can find used baseballs in almost any thrift store or sometimes in a yard sale. I am adding these to my dough bowls for some Americana decor for the Fourth of July.