I recently got a shipment of angel wings in and as soon as I saw them I knew how I wanted to use them. I keep trees up all year long and I would love to create an angel tree topper. I will be using the wings from my website for this angel but you can use any type of wings. This angel can be used as a tree topper or placed any where in your home as a decoration.
The supplies I will be using are:
1. Metal angel wings ( these are from our online boutique)
2. Safety cone from the Dollar Tree
3. Brown shipping paper from the Dollar Tree
4. Cream paint
5. Paint brush
6. Scissors
7. Hot glue
8. Silver tinsel
9. Warm caramel colored spray paint( optional )
10. Grapevine ball ( mine measures 12 inches around)
The first step is to remove the stickers from the safety cone and cut off the bottom rim.
I decided to spray paint the inside of the cone with a warm caramel colored spray paint. This angel will be placed on the top of my tree and I do not want any of the orange color showing which is why I added the spray paint.
Once the cone is cut you will want to cut the brown shipping paper. I cut a long strip about 5 1/2 inches wide and 130 inches long.
You will want to crunch the brown paper as shown in photo above.
The next step is to wrap the paper around the cone starting from the bottom. You will add hot glue as you go.
Once you have the paper glued in place you will add the cream paint.
You can do a light coat of cream paint. I added the paint here and there so that you can still see a lot of the brown colored paper.
You will add a lot of hot glue to the top to secure the grapevine ball on.
You will do the same thing for the wings. It will take a lot of hot glue to hold the grapevine ball and wings in place.
I glued some silver tinsel to the top of the grapevine ball for a halo.
This angel is very easy to make and I love how it can be a tree topper or an everyday decoration. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.
You can find the link below for the angel wings. If they are sold out we hope to get more in soon.