I recently went to the Dollar Tree and I picked up a few foldable fans. They have all different prints and colors in these fans. I was not sure what I wanted to do with them but I do believe they will make amazing angel wings.

This will be a very easy angel to make and the supplies that we will be using are:

1. Two foldable fans from the Dollar Tree

2. Twine

3. One cotton mop head from the Dollar Tree

4. Scissors

5. One large wooden bead ( be sure the bead has a hole all the way through it)

6. Americana acrylic paint by DecoArt ( I’m using the color Sage Mint)

7. Small doily (optional)

8. Spanish moss

9. Gold pipe cleaner

You will pull the mop strands out of the plastic holder on the mop. This is very easy to do if you pull one strand at a time.

The next step is to color your strands using the paint. You can color your strands any color that you want. I’m using Sage Mint because it goes very well with the color of my fans.

I added some water to my paint and then dipped in the strands. You can use as many strands as you want to create your angel.

I laid my strands out in the sun to dry. The next step is to take apart the fans.

You will want to remove the ring at the top of the fan. I used scissors to cut the ring off.

Once you have the ring removed from both fans you will then pull off the plastic strips from the material.

The plastic strips will pull right off and that will leave you with a fanned piece of material.

Once your strips are dry you will tie them together at the center with a piece of twine. I did not line my strips up evenly because I wanted to create a fuller look.

You will knot the twine at the top and then add the doily and bead.

I added just a little hot glue between the bead and strips.

You will place the fans together as shown in photo above.

I added a little hot glue and then wrapped some twine around the fans as shown in photo above.

I wrapped the twine around some of the strips to the angel and attached the wings.

This angel is very easy to make and you can create them in a variety of colors. I hope you will get creative and give this angel a try.