I seem to always find myself in Goodwill and I have accumulated a lot of glass pieces. I found a few in my pile that I knew would make amazing pieces for an Angel. If you like unique items then your going to want to try this project.



The supplies I will be using are

2 pieces of glass for wings,

a glass bowl for crown,

a spindle,

a piece of wood for base

and a round spindle top.

Your pieces can be any shape or size you want to use. This is suppose to be a unique angel. I also used a drill, glass drill bit, cream paint,gorilla glue,screws and rubber washers.




I first painted all my wood pieces cream. Then I drilled my holes into my glass pieces. I did this using a glass drill bit. It is also good to keep a small bowl of water to dip your glass into. This will cool the glass down while drilling. Dipping the glass into the water every now and then while drilling will help prevent your glass from breaking.



I drilled a hole in the bowl so that I can screw it to the top of my angel. The wings will be 2 glass trays and I drilled a hole into each so they can be screwed to back of the spindle.

Your next step is going to be putting your wood pieces together. I am using glue and screws for this step.




Once your wood pieces are all secured together you can screw your glass pieces on.
I want my angel to have a more distressed look so I sanded parts of it down.




You can leave her like this or you can add some antique glaze to make her look even more distressed.

You can leave it just like this or you can go a step further and add lace and ribbon.

I’m in love with this angel. She is a unique decorations that can be used any where in your home.