I have been seeing a lot of different garlands in the stores lately. It is time to start decorating for the holidays and I want a simple garland that I can use in a tree or hang on my mantle. If you like the Dollar Tree then you have probably seen the packs of ping pong balls in the toy section. I bought a few packs to create a fun and easy ball garland.

You can find a pack of six balls in the Dollar Tree.

The items I will be using to create this ball garland are:

1. Plastic ping pong balls (I am using 36 to make a 4 1/2 ft garland)

2. Spray paint

3. Fishing line

4. Scissors

5. Kabob sticks and styrofoam

6. Yarn needle

I placed the balls in a box to spray paint them but found it easier to poke a kabob stick in them and stick into styrofoam.

I did my first set orange and black and my second set I did gold and black.

It is much easier to spray paint them in a kabob stick.

Once they were spray painted I used a yarn needle to thread the fishing line through the balls.

I alternated the colors as I thread the fishing line through. I tied a few knots at the ends to prevent the fishing line from sliding back through.

These are so simple to make and they can be created in a variety of colors.

I just love how this looks on my mantle for Fall. I hope you will all get creative and give this a try!