Ok spring will be here before you know it and I wanted something different and cute to put in my trees. Flowers are always a great item for spring decorating and I wanted one that can be created different ways depending on your decor.


The supplies you will need are:

1. Balloons ( I’m using 12 inch balloons)

2. Wire ( I’m using 18mm gauge wire)

3. Wire cutters

4. Elmer’s glue

5. Pom Poms or cotton balls

6. Glitter (optional)

7. Burlap tape ( I get this from Walmart in the craft section)

The first step is to take your wire and cut 7 pieces of wire 12 inches long. The pieces of wire are going to be used to form the petals of your flower.

Next you will need to pull out 7 balloons.


I’m using white balloons because I like to decorate with neutrals. You will now need to take your pieces of wire and bend them to form a loop.


You will need to slip this loop up into your ballon.

You will want your two ends of the wire to stick out from the ballon. You will do this step to all seven balloons and all seven pieces of wire.

Now it is time to start to layer your balloons on top of each other.


Once all your balloons are layered on top of each other you will need to take another piece of wire to wrap around all your 7 balloons.


You will want to wrap the wire around the balloons a few times. I’m using a 12 inch piece of wire for this step.


I then take the base of the balloons and bend it down.


Now it is time to start forming flower petals. I take the petals and start to spread them apart.


You should now have what looks like a flower. You will need to add a center to your flower. I am using some coffee stained cotton balls for my center.


I will be using 2 cottons balls. I dipped them into Elmer’s glue to secure them together. I then dipped the back side of the cotton balls into the Elmer’s glue to secure them to my flower.


You will want to press your cotton balls down onto the center of the flower.


I wanted to add some sparkle to my flower. I added some Elmer’s glue to the top of the cotton balls and then sprinkled glitter. I am using glitter that I got fro Target.


Your last step is to take your floral tape or burlap tape and wrap around your wire stem. This will give your flower a more finished look.


I love how easy these flowers are to make. They can be created to match whatever color scheme you want.


These flowers can be placed in your all year long trees or put onto a wreath. I hope you al enjoy this DIY and I hope you will give it a try.