It is time to start thinking about Fall and I always like to add a variety of pumpkins throughout my home. I love adding pumpkins to my dough bowls and tiered trays. We have made a variety of pumpkins here at The Shabby Tree but I think we can create some fun and unique pumpkins using balloons.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Balloons (orange, black and white)

2. Scissors

3. Poly-fil

4. Hot glue

5. Small tree limbs (you can find small bags of them in Hobby Lobby)

6. Spanish moss

7. Twine

The first step is to cut some of the balloon off of the top as shown in photo above.

You will then stuff the balloon with poly-fil. You can add as much stuffing as you want.

Once you have the size pumpkin that you want you will then push the top of the balloon down in.

It is bow time to wrap the twine around the pumpkin. Cut a piece of twine and place the center of the twine over the center of the balloon.

You will then wrap it around the balloon and tie it underneath. Be sure to pull the twine tight when wrapping it around the pumpkin.

You will be wrapping this twine around the pumpkin in four different directions.

Be sure to double knot it at the top when you are done.

You will then insert one of the small tree limbs down into the hole at the top.

I added a little hot glue onto the tree limb to help secure the spanish moss onto the pumpkin.

These are so easy to make and you can make a variety of colors. These will be fun to add throughout your home. I hope you will get creative and give these a try.