I seem to always be at a baseball game and knew I wanted something cute and unique to wear to my sons games. We seem to have a lot of baseballs in our garage and I knew I wanted to give this project a try. First your supplies you will need are a baseball( it can be new or used) some sort of clasp ( this black one I got from Hobby Lobby in the Sew-Ology dept) an embellishment if some kind, thread,needle and cutting knife. You might need pliers to help pull your sewing needle trough the ball material.


First thing you need to do is take your knife and cut right in the center of the red thread seam.

Do this the whole way around. Once you cut along the whole seam you then need to pull the pieces apart.


Make sure to pull all excess string off of the inside of your pieces.

You now have two pieces. This will allow you to make two bracelets. Take the end of one piece and start to sew you clasp on.

I’m using black thread because my clasp is black. I’m also using a thicker needle because we are sewing through a thick material.


You need to do the same process to both ends.

Once you have seen your end clasps on you then need to see your embellishment to the center.

I made sure to find an embellishment that I can sew on. A piece that will allow me to sew up and through the material.


I just love how this turned out. You can make this bracelet to match any team colors. You can pull the red stitching out and resew any color of your choice along the end seam. I would recommend using embroidery thread to resew end seam another color. I hope you all enjoyed this project and give it a try.