I was strolling through the Dollar Tree looking for some items to get creative with. They have been putting out all of their Spring and Easter items. I was searching through the party isle and I came across some flower garland. This garland will be perfect for creating a Spring decoration.

The items that I’ll be using are:

1. Three packs of the flower garland from the Dollar Tree

2. Three packs of the nautical rope from the Dollar Tree

3. Hot glue

4. One 14” x 11” canvas

The first thing that I did was glue the nautical rope around the bottom half of the canvas.

I wrapped the nautical rope around the whole canvas because this will allow my canvas to stand up.

I made sure to continue the next strand of nautical rope onto the back side of the canvas.

Once I had the nautical rope glued onto the canvas I then cut the flowers from the garland.


I cut all of the flowers and leaves off of all three garlands.

I started placing the flowers onto the canvas. Once I decided where I wanted each flower to go I added just a small amount of hot glue to the center.

You don’t want to add hot glue to the entire flower because you will be going back and adding more leaves under some of the flowers.

You will add all of the flowers and all of the leaves to the canvas.

You can mix your flowers any way that you want. I decided to add a small piece of nautical rope to look like a handle to the basket.

This was very easy to make and will look great any where in your home. I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.