I always love trying to come up with ways to use an item in a variety of different ways. We recently got some amazing beaded garlands in and I wanted to come up with a few different ways to use them. They can be used as a garland but I thought they can also be used to create some quick and easy beaded necklaces.

You can use any type of beaded garland but I will be using the ones from our boutique. All three of these garlands are in our boutique and you can find the links for them down below.


You can easily turn these beaded garlands into some fun and unique beaded necklaces. The first step is to cut the beaded garland.

I cut my beaded garland into 30 inch strands. Once you cut the garland you will knot the ends together.

I will be adding some strips of ribbon and bling embellishments to my necklaces.

Once I cut my strips of ribbon I then added them to the beaded necklace.

I used a needle and thread to attach the ribbons. You will fold the ribbons over the beaded necklace and then sew them together.

Once I had the ribbons in place I then sewed on a bling embellishment. I get my bling from Totally Dazzled and you can find my affiliate link down below.


You can create these necklaces in a variety of colors.

These necklaces would make a fun and unique gift for any occasion.

I hope you will get creative and give this fun and easy necklace a try.