I’m always in thrift stores and I have accumulated a lot of tea cups lately. Summer is here and I love

All you need is a real cup with saucer,E6000 glue and some twine


Your going to put some E6000 glue on bottom side of your tea cup. You need to make sure the your handle will be facing up. The handle is where it will be hung from.


After you get your glue in place then set your tea cup onto saucer. I used some painters tape to hold my cup in place until it is completely dry. You will need to give it a good 24 to 48 hours to dry before hanging it up.


After the glue is completely dry just put some twine through your tea cup handle and hang. Add some bird food and you have a cute but unique bird feeder.


I love to be outside and I just love to watch all the beautiful birds in our area. I knew I wanted to make some bird feeders and this one is so simple and just looks so cute.