I seem to have accumulated a lot of throw blankets the last few years. I love to keep a few blankets over my sofa but I needed to find a way to display some others. We have some beautiful blankets here at The Shabby Tree that our amazing followers have made us and I wanted a space to keep them out on display. I went to Home Depot and picked up a few pieces of wood and I know we can create an amazing blanket ladder!

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Two pieces of wood measuring 2×3

2. Three wooden dowels which are 1” in diameter and 4ft long

3. Wood glue

4. Pen or pencil

5. Tape measure

6. Circular saw

7. Drill

8. One inch drill bit or a one inch hole dozer

9. Two wood clamps

10. Hammer or mallet

I decided that the drill bit was going to be the easiest way to drill the holes.

You will first want to cut the two 2×3’s. I cut mine 6 ft long.

The next step is to mark where you want to drill the holes for the dowels.

I marked the first hole 3 inches down from the top of the 2×3.

I then continued down 11 inches in between each hole and this will then leave you a 3 inch space at the bottom of the 2×3.

You will be drilling 7 holes down each 2×3.

I am clamping both of the 2×3’s together so that I can drill through both of them at once. I feel like this is easier and will help my holes line up well. You can drill through each of the 2×3’s separately but you will need to be sure your holes will line up for the dowels to slide through them.

I used a 1” drill bit to drill through both 2×3’s.

You will continue down the 2×3 until all of the holes are drilled.

I then measured the dowels to be cut 16 inches.

You will get 3 dowels out of the one long dowel.

You should now have 7 dowels measuring 16 inches long.

You will want to place the dowels into the holes and add wood glue to help secure them in place. You might need to use a hammer or mallet to get them all in place.

Once the wood glue is completely dry you can paint or stain your ladder.

I am using a dark walnut stain.

Once I brushed the stain into the wood I then used a rag to wipe any excess off.

This is not very hard to make and turns out amazing. You can make this blanket ladder as big or as small as you want. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.