It’s almost Christmas time and you all know how I’m obsessed with trees. I have been seeing a plastic craft bottle in the Dollar Tree and I just knew there had to be a way to incorporate some bottle brush trees with it. This craft bottle can be used for so many different things but I want to create a fun ornament for my tree but also using bottle brush trees. This is a very easy craft and will look great on any tree.

I will be using this craft bottle from the Dollar Tree. Some other supplies that you will need are:

1. Glue gun

2. Ribbon

3. Scissors

4. Small bottle brush trees (you can find these trees in any craft store)

5. Artificial snow 6. Greenery sprig (optional)

The first step is to glue a piece of your ribbon around the lid of the craft bottle.

I am using a thinner ribbon and adding it to the outside of the lid. You can wait to add ribbon until you finish the ornament and add a thicker ribbon to the lid and bottom of the bottle.

I covered my lid with a thin black and white check ribbon. The next step is to attach the small bottle brush trees to the inside of the lid using hot glue.

I am adding three different sized bottle brush trees in three different colors to the inside of the lid.


Once the trees are in place I added some artificial snow. It is now time to attach your lid to the bottle. I had a hard time screwing the lid back on because of all of the trees and snow so I glued it back on.

I added an extra piece of ribbon to the bottom.

I then made a loop from the ribbon to glue to the top of the jar. This will be the hanger for my ornament.

I added a few pieces of greenery and red berries to the top.

I hope you will get creative and give this a try. This is so easy to make and you can add so many different things to this craft bottle.