If you love accent items your going to love these brooches. When you think of a brooch your probably thinking of an old pin woman wore many years ago. Well yes it is a pin but I made them in a way that you can use them for a variety of things.


First your going to need to find your supplies. Needle and thread Scissors Pin backs Doilies,lace and ribbon of your choice Rhinestone embellishments(optional) Felt(your choice of color)

First I cut my felt into small circles. I am using cream felt because my lace and doilies are neutral in color. I till the rim of a small glass to trace my circles.

After my circles are all cut out I then hand sew the brooch pins on.



After my brooch pins are all sewed onto my felt I start lying out all my doilies and ribbon to see which ones I want where.

Once you place all your pieces together you will begin sewing. You will sew your back pieces onto the front of felt circle first. My ribbon is the last piece of my brooch so I sew this on first

Next I sew my lace on top of the ribbon.

Now I will sew my doilies on top of the lace.

This is what your back will look like


I put some rhinestones on top of doilies and some I left plain.


I just love how these brooches turned out. Be unique and use them on your jackets, purses or even pillows.