We’re always trying to find different ways to use recycled items here at The Shabby Tree. We’ve been trying to find different ways to use a Valentine heart shaped candy box for some of our crafts. Since Spring will soon be approaching I thought it would be fun to turn a heart shape candy box into a decorative bunny head.

You can use any size heart shape candy box that you want.

I want to cover the front and back side of my box with a cream felt.

I traced the box onto the felt and cut out two hearts.

I painted the front and back side of the box with a cream chalk paint first.

Once I had the box painted I then glued on the pieces of felt.

You’ll glue a piece of the felt to the front and back side of the box.


Once I had the felt glued in place I then wrapped a yarn around the box.

I used Snuggle Up Cream by Yarn Bee. You can use any type of yarn that you want.

You’ll want to keep wrapping the yarn in all different directions.

You can add some hot glue at the beginning and the end to secure the yarn in place.

Once I had the box covered with the yarn I then cut ears out of the felt. You’ll want two pieces of felt for each ear.

I glued silver tinsel pipe cleaners to one piece of felt for each ear.

You’ll want to glue the other piece of felt on top as shown in photo below.

I wrapped some of the yarn around each ear as shown in photo above. You can add some hot glue to the felt as you wrap the yarn.

Once you have the ears wrapped with yarn you’ll want to attach the ears to the bunny head.

Be sure that you have the heart shape upside down when attaching the ears. I pulled some of the yarn to the side to create an opening. Once you create an opening you’ll add hot glue and stick the ears down in.

It might take extra hot glue to secure the ears down into the yarn.

The next step is to create a face for your bunny. I’ll be using some felt, cotton balls and pipe cleaners.


I’m not very good at making faces so I did the best that I can. I decided to paint some black chalk paint onto a piece of tan felt for the the eyes.

I like this look better then a black piece of felt.

I decided to add some fine pink glitter over the pink felt.

I also added some fine white glitter over the white part of the eye.

My eyes just did not look right to me so I added some eye lashes.

I created a simple bow to add to the top of my bunny head.

This was fun and very easy to make. There are so many different ways to make this bunny head. I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.