We have started creating a variety of Spring and Easter decorations here at The Shabby Tree. I love adding a variety of bunnies to my Spring decorations. We have made a few different types of bunny heads but I wanted to create one with a rustic look. After walking through Home Depot I found the perfect item that will create what I want.

A simple wooden ball cap finial will allow us to create a very quick and easy rustic bunny head.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One wooden ball cap finial ( I purchased mine from Home Depot)

2. Drill

3. Drill bits ( I will be using a 1/4 and 7/64 drill bit)

4. Hot glue

5. White paint by DecoArt

5. Oak colored Gel Stain by DecoArt

6. Blush Pink colored paint by DecoArt

7. Wire cutters

8. Scissors

9. Black marker

10. Rusty Wire ( 20 gauge)

11. One small pom pom

12. One piece of copper canyon colored felt ( I purchased this from Hobby Lobby)

The first step is to remove the screw from the bottom of the finial.

You will then drill 2 holes on the top if the finial for the ears.

I used a 1/4 drill bit for my holes.

Once you have the holes for the ears drilled then you will drill the hole for the nose.

I used the 7/64 drill bit for the hole for the nose.

Once you have the holes drilled you will then use the Oak colored Gel Stain. You will paint the hole finial with the gel stain.

The next step is to create the two ears.

I folded the felt in half long ways and cut a strip about 2 inches wide.

I cut the strip in half and cut the shape for the ears. Once the ears were shaped I then added the blush pink paint to the center.

You will want to add a small amount of hot glue into the hole for the ear.

You will want to add a small amount of hot glue into the hole for the ear.

Once the ears are in place you will then cut 6 pieces of wire for the whiskers.

I cut mine about 4 inches long. Once the wire is cut you will place the ends of all six strips into the hole for the nose as shown in photo below.

I added a dab of hot glue to the top and then I added the small pom pom. I painted the small pom pom with the blush pink paint before adding it on top of the hot glue.
I curled the end of the whiskers. You can use the end of the needle nose pliers to curl the ends.
I used the black marker for the eyes and mouth and added a small dot of white paint to eyes.
This was so easy to make and will look great added to your Spring decorations. I hope you will get creative and give this bunny head a try.