Spring is quickly approaching and I always love adding bunnies to my Spring decorations. We’re always trying to create fun and unique items here at The Shabby Tree . I thought it would be fun to turn some beaded loop hangers into a fun and unique bunny head.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Two 9 inch beaded loop hangers

2. A set of two doilies from the Dollar Tree

3. Hot glue

4. Three white pipe cleaners that I coffee stained

5. Two flower ornaments

6. Two fern sprigs

7. Scissors

8. Two small doilies

9. One bling embellishment

The items shown above will be hitting our website in a few days.

I will be adding one of the round doilies onto one of the beaded loops.

I added some hot glue over one side of the beads.

I placed the doily over the beads and then added more hot glue.

You want to be sure to pull the doily tight when adding more hot glue.

Once you get the doily glued onto the loop you’ll then trim the excess doily off. When you flip the loop over it should look like the photo above.

The next loop you’ll use to create the ears to your bunny head.

I attached the ears using a pipe cleaner.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around both pieces as shown in photo below.

Once I had the ears attached I then used a pipe cleaner to tie both fern sprigs together.

Be sure to add the second doily to the ears.

Once you have the doily glued onto the ears you’ll trim the excess doily off.

I used the third pipe cleaner to attach the fern sprigs to the bottom of the bunny head. You can glue the flowers onto the ferns.

I added the small doily and bling to the top where the ears were attached to the head. You can add a small piece of the fern if you want.

This was so easy to make and will look great any where in my home. I can hang this on my door or place it on my mantel. I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.