I love using pages from old books and turning them into a fun and unique decoration. We have made a variety of things here at The Shabby Tree using book pages. I thought it would be fun to create a fun and unique bunny using a few book pages with a few other items.

The items that we’ll be using are:
1. One recycled Boost container
2. One styrofoam egg
3. Decoupage
4. Paint brush
5. Hot glue
6. Scissors
7. Wire
8. Pink glitter
9. Black and white paint
10. One small pom pom
11. Two cotton balls
12. Book pages
You can use any type of recycled container that you want. I might try another using and empty plastic soda bottle. Today I’ll be using a recycled Boost bottle.
You’ll take the label off of the bottle and then push the styrofoam egg onto the top.
The next step is to rip pages from the book.
You’ll decoupage the ripped pieces onto the bottle.
I added decoupage then the paper and then more decoupage.
You will cover the entire bottle. When I got to the egg I decided to add some hot glue to help attach some of the paper.
Once I got the first layer of paper onto the egg I then decoupaged a second layer.
It was harder to attach the paper to the egg because I used a styrofoam egg.
Once I had the body of my bunny covered with the paper I then cut out two ears.
You’ll want two pieces of paper for each ear. I decided to add some wire to my ears. This is optional but I found it easier to attach the ears using wire.
Add some hot glue and then place the top piece over the hot glue.
You’ll stick the wire down into the styrofoam.
I added some black paint to a small white pom pom for the nose.
You’ll glue the nose on and then paint on some eyes.
I added some coffee stained cotton balls to the back for a tail.
I added some pink glitter to the ears and a little ribbon around the neck. This was very easy to make and I love how you can use recycled containers.
I hope you’ll get creative and give this fun and unique bunny a try.