If you love fall and want a quick and easy decoration then you’re going to love this project! I had a lot of scrap pieces of burlap lying around and I wanted to do something with them and I love my dough bowl and wanted something with a pop of color for it. I also love candy corn so I thought I would try making some!

The supplies you will need are: burlap, scissors, a marker or piece of chalk, paint (orange, cream and yellow), a hot glue gun, stuffing, and a piece of cardboard or paper. 

The first thing you need to do is draw the pattern for yourcandy corn. This is easy and does not need to be perfect.

I just drew a triangle with curved corners onto my cardboard. I then cut it out and this will be your pattern.

Next, double layer your burlap to trace your pattern on.

I like to trace mine with chalk. It just wipes right off and then you don’t need to worry about seeing any marker lines.

Next, I cut out my candy corn and glue the two pieces together.

Be sure to leave the bottom end open so that you can stuff it with your stuffing.

Once it is lightly stuffed glue the opening closed.

Now you just paint your stripes on. I wanted my candy corn to look primitive so I lightly painted on the white, orange and yellow.

I love how these turned out and they add a great fall decoration to my dough bowl. They can also can be put on a wreath, or they can even be hung on a tree!