I love Christmas and I wanted to make something simple that would give my tree a pop of color. I have tons of material and I have a lot of wire so I knew I could make a simple but candy cane.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Wire (I’m using 18 gauge wire)

2. Warm and natural and muslin material

3. Hit glue


5. Wire cutters




The first thing is to cut your material into strips. I like to snip the material and then rip my strips.


You need to cut the warm and natural strips but you can rip the red material.


















Once you have your strips cut you then cut your wire. I cut a piece of wire about 9 1/2 inches long.





You will start to wrap the warm and natural covering the whole piece of wire.





















Next you will start to wrap your red material. Be sure to leave space while wrapping. You want some of the warm and natural showing so that it will look like a ca day cane print.





So many different things you can use these for. I love them to hang on my tree. They would be cute on a wreath or in a garland too.