We are always creating things here at The Shabby Tree and we use cardboard for some of our items. I like to get creative with cardboard because it is a supply that most everyone will have some where in their home. It is time to start decorating for Valentine’s Day so we are going to create a fun and unique heart using cardboard.
The supplies I will be using are:
1. Cardboard
2. Paper to create a stencil
3. Pen
4. Scissors
5. Aluminum cookie sheet from the Dollar Tree
6. Hot glue
7.Mod podge (optional)
8.Lace material ( optional)
9. Silver tinsel (optional)
10.Cream paint (optional)
The first thing you will beed to do is create a stencil. You can cut out any size heart that you want.
You will trace your stencil onto the cardboard twice. Cut both hearts out as shown in photo above.
The next step is to cut two strips from the cookie sheet. I like to cut the trim of the cookie sheet off first.
I cut two strips that are 1 1/2 inches wide.
Once you have the strips cut you will then start to glue it onto the cardboard hearts as shown in photo above. I started at the top center area of the heart. You will use one strip down each side of the heart.
I added the hot glue to the cardboard edge and then pressed the strip onto the cardboard.
Do not cut the excess of the strip off yet at the bottom of the heart. You will start the second strip at the top center of the heart.
Be sure to over lap the the second strip onto the first strip for your starting point.
Once you get to the bottom of the heart you will want to trim the ends of strips long enough to be overlapped.
Once you have the strips all glued in place you should have what looks like a heart block.
You can add whatever you want to your heart. I am using a lace fabric and mod podge to cover the cardboard area of the heart.
I cut out two lace hearts and then added mod podge onto the cardboard.
You will want to add more mod podge on top of the lace.
I sprinkled on glitter and then glued tinsel onto the edges of the heart.
I added some cream chalk paint onto the cookie tin strips.
This heart is very easy to create and I love how you can make a variety of sizes. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.