The stores are starting to put out all of the spring decor and I always love the cement items. Cement items always seem to be pricey and they are always heavy to carry. I was doing a little research and I think I found a way that we can create a simple Dollar Tree basket to have a cement appearance.

The items I will be using are:

1. Plastic Dollar Tree basket

2. Primer spray

3. White chalk paint

4. Grey paint

5. Paint brush

6. Pro Select ready mix concrete patch

You want to be sure to buy the 2x ultra cover primer for plastic.

It will take a few light coats to cover the basket.

Once the primer was dry I covered the basket with the ready-mix concrete patch.

I bought the ready-mix concrete patch in Home Depot.

Once the basket was completely covered with the concrete mix and all dry I then painted it. I used a slate grey colored paint and I painted it all over the basket.

You will then want to add a little of the white chalk paint while the grey is still wet. I just lightly mixed in some of the white chalk paint here and there on the basket. This will give it more of the cement color.

This basket turned out amazing and I can’t wait to try it on a few other items. I strongly suggest giving this product a try. This is such a fun way to turn a simple item into a cement item.