Ok it is time to start pulling out your Spring and Easter decorations. I pulled a few of mine out and I came across a cute chick that I bought a few years ago. Looking at the chick got my mind going and I think we can create something similar.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One smooth styrofoam egg

2. One small smooth styrofoam ball ( the one I’m using is 1.5 in)

3. Hot glue

4. Cotton balls ( I coffee stained mine)

5. Wooden kabob stick

6. Wire ( I’m using a 20 gauge rusty wire from our website)

7. Wire cutters

8. Scissors

9. Burnt Orange colored paint by DecoArt

10. Yellow paint ( I’m using Marigold and Cadmium Yellow by DecoArt)

11. Paint brush

12. 2 Small Black Beads

The first step is to attach the styrofoam ball to the styrofoam egg. I used a piece of the kabob stick.

I also added some hot glue to help hold them together.

The next step is to create the legs for the chick. I cut 6 pieces of wire about 5 inches long.

You will want to twist 3 wires together and create the legs as shown in photo above.

I had to trim the top if the legs to be a little shorter. You will stick the legs up into the egg as shown in photo above.

I cut another piece of the kabob stick to form the beak to my chick. You will stick this into the small styrofoam ball as shown in photo above. I added some hot glue to help secure it in place.

I rolled apart the cotton balls as shown in photo above. If they do not roll apart you can just pull them apart.

Once I had my cotton balls all pulled apart I then started adding them to the chick. I started from the back and then came up and over the head.

You will add hot glue to the styrofoam ball as you add the cotton balls.

Once I had the chick completely covered with the cotton balls I then painted it yellow.

Once I had the chick painted yellow I then created two wings out of the cotton balls.

I glued the wings onto the chick.

I decided to add just a bit more cotton ball to the head of my chick.

I completely covered the chick with yellow paint. Once I had the chick painted yellow I then painted the beak orange.

I glued the small beads on for the eyes and I tied some ribbon around the neck. This is so easy to make and I just love how it turned out. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.