DIY Chicken Wire Framed Heart: Return To Blog

I’m a huge thrift store shopper and I have seemed to accumulate a lot of frames. I have been decorating for Valentine’s Day and I wanted to make something that can go on my fireplace mantle or hang on a wall. This Diy is not hard to make at all and I think your going to love how it turns out.

1. Frame (this can be a frame if your choice and it can be any size)

2. Napkins ( i will be using red napkins that I got from Walmart)

3. Staple gun

4. Wire cutters

5. Hit glue gun ( this is optional)

The first thing you will need to do is lay your frame down with back facing up. Take the chicken wire and measure and cut it to fit your frame.

The chicken wire is hard to work with so you just need to be patient. Once you get it rolled out and pressed down you will be able to cut it with your wire cutters.

Next you have it cut you will need to begin to staple it to your frame.

Once you have the chicken wire completely stapled to the back you will want to flip your frame over and stand it up.

It is now time to make your heart. You will want to take 2 napkins .

It is now time to make your heart. You will want to take 2 napkins .

Take one of the napkins and gather it at the center.

It will look like this. Now take the second napkin and do the same thing. Put the two napkins together.

You now want to put them through the hole of your chicken wire. We are making a heart so I found the center of my chicken wire. Once I found where the center was I picked a hole and placed my two napkins into the hole together. You will pull them trough the back . It will look like this.

This is what the front will like.

Your back of the frame will have all the center pieces of your napkins sticking out.

I didn’t want my napkins popping back out of the chicken wire so I decided to add a little hot glue to the back.

This is an optional step but I believe it will help keep my heart in place.

I did not use any pattern to make my heart. I just eyeballed it and stuck my napkins through the chicken wire. When you feel like your heart is complete it should look something like this.

This is a fun Diy and I believe by using other colored napkins we will be able to switch it out for different holidays. I hope you all enjoy this Diy and try to DIY Chicken Wire Framed Heart yourself!