When you’re a crafter you tend to have a lot of craft sticks in your supplies. I am starting to work on my Christmas crafts and I just know we can easily create a snowman out of a few craft sticks.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Jumbo craft sticks (I get these in Walmart)

2. Small craft sticks

3. Paint (black, off white and orange)

4. Paint brush

5. Hot glue

6. Heavy duty scissors or pruning shears

7. Wooden kabob stick

8. Strip of ribbon or fabric

The first step is to paint 2 jumbo craft sticks white or off white.

You will then cut one of the smaller craft sticks into smaller pieces.

You will use two pieces of the smaller craft stick to secure the jumbo craft sticks together.

You will glue them to the back side of the jumbo craft sticks.

Once you have the two jumbo craft sticks secured together side by side you will add one of the smaller craft sticks. You will want to paint the smaller craft stick black and then glue it onto the jumbo craft sticks as shown in photo below.

Paint the remaining top section black.

I used the pruning shears to cut straight across the top. This will help to form the look of a top hat.

You will add the ribbon around the snowman to create a scarf.

The next step is to cut the tip off of the kabob stick. You will paint the tip orange and glue it onto your snowman.

Use the black paint to create the eyes and mouth to your snowman.

I added a little greenery to the hat. This is so easy to make and will make a great ornament on any tree.

I hope you will have fun , get creative and give this a try.