I was shopping in Hobby Lobby and a wire twine angel caught my eye. This is a bigger angel and I just knew it would make an amazing tree topper. It is hard to find a tree topper that goes with your theme or decor. This angel can easily be decorated so many different ways.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Wire twine angel from Hobby Lobby

2. Old lace curtain

3. Hot glue

4. Scissors

5. Bling embellishment

6. Ribbons and tinsel

7. Doilies (small and large)

I got this angel from Hobby Lobby. I removed the greenery sprig on the front of the angel. This gives me a plain twine angel to work with.

The first step is to cut your material to go around the angel. I am forming a dress for my angel using an old lace curtain.

I want this to be simple so I will be using hot glue to secure my lace around the angel. I am simply wrapping the piece of lace curtain around the angel and glueing around the neck area.

I am not worried about the neck area because I will be wrapping a doily around the neck. The doily will cover the unfinished edge of my lace curtain.

I am cutting slits in my lace curtain so that I can slip the wings through. I am not measuring anything for this because I want it to be quick and simple. You will slip the wings through the lace and then glue the lace in place around the base of the wings.

You will connect the ends of your lace at the back of the angel. I like over lapping the lace and then glueing them in place at the edge of the wings.

Once your lace is wrapped and glued in place it is time to add your doily around the neck.

I cut a slit in the doily so that it can be wrapped around the neck.

I glued it together on the backside of the angel.

I added a few ribbons and tinsel around the neck.

I then glued a smaller doily and embellishment onto the front.

I added a little of the tinsel to the halo.

This angel is so easy to change up and create your way. I am posting this because I hope it will inspire you to get creative. You can transform and change so many different items into a fun and unique tree topper that will match your style or decor.

You can cut the twine at the bottom of this particular angel to slip over the top of your tree. I just pushed the twine to create an opening for the top of the tree.