I started decorating for Spring and Easter and I wanted to create something fun for my front porch. We recently made a few bird nests here at The Shabby Tree which has me wanting to create a bird cage. If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you already know that I seem to always be in the Dollar Tree. I picked up a few of the metal hanging baskets which will be perfect for creating a bird cage.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Two metal hanging baskets from the Dollar Tree

2. One clear plastic tray from the Dollar Tree (this tray is 11 1/2 inches wide)

3. One small wooden disk (I picked these up in Walmart and they are about 3 inches wide)

4. Wire cutters and needle nose pliers

5. Hot glue gun

6. Marker

7. Spray paint (I am using brown)

8. Wire

9. Drill and drill bit

10. Knob

The first step is to cut the smaller ring off of one of the baskets. You will use the wire cutters to cut each metal post around the ring.

I also removed the chain from the basket.

You will then pull the metal post to stand straight up.

I then removed the chain from the second basket.

I then snipped off the 3 small metal loops where the chain was connected. I did this to both baskets. This is an optional step but I like them off. You will just use the wire cutters and you can bend it to snap off.

You will now use the wire to connect both baskets together. You will place the large metal rings of both baskets together and wrap the wire around.

Once the baskets are secured together you will then place the side with the metal posts onto the plastic tray.

I want the posts to sit right at the outer ring of my tray. I used the black marker to mark where each post will sit.

You will then use the drill to drill a hole at each marked dot.

Once all the holes are drilled you will then set each metal post down into the holes.

I then flipped the cage over so that the posts are coming through the bottom of the tray. I used the needle nose pliers to bend the end of each posts. This will stop the posts from sliding back through and secure the cage to the tray.

I drilled a hole through the center of the wooden disk.

I then went outside and covered the cage and the wooden disk with a brown spray paint.

I then glued the wooden disk to the top of the cage.

I added my knob to the top of the cage.

This turns out amazing and will make a great spring decoration to any home. You can sit it on a table or add the chain to the top and hang it.