If you love candles like I do then your going to want to give this a try. This is so simple to do and your going to be amazed.

The supplies you will need are:


Napkin( with print if your choice) Scissors


First thing is to cut out your design from your napkin







Once your design is cut out of napkin seperate the sheets of the napkin. You want just the top layer of the napkin.




Now you will place your piece of napkin onto your candle. Be sure to place it evenly and where you want it to be permanently placed. Then you will take the iron and rub over the top of the napkin. I have my iron set to the silk setting or low setting. I will rub the iron lightly over the napkin.




You will notice that the napkin will just melt into the candle. I am using white and cream candles. I’m not sure how a colored candle will work. You piece of napkin will melt into the candle and be permanently onto your candle. I love how these turn out and you can find a variety of napkins in your local stores.