You can find all type of glass jars in the Dollar Tree and there are so many different ways to change them up. We seem to use napkins for a lot of our crafts here at The Shabby Tree and I recently found a beautiful one that I have been wanting to use. Napkins are always a great item to use for decoupaging.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Glass jar or bowl from the Dollar Tree

2. Mod podge

3. Napkin (you will find the link for this napkin at the end of the blog)

4. Paint brush

5. Scissors

6. Decorative glass (I got this from Michaels)

The first step is to seperate the layers of the napkin.

I then cut out my image I want to use.

You will want to add the mod podge onto the glass jar.

I then placed the napkin over the mod podge.

Once you have the napkin in place you will want to add a coat of mod podge over the napkin.

You will want to let this mod podge dry before adding the decorative glass.

Once the mod podge over the napkin was dry I then added a thick coat of mod podge around the napkin.

I then sprinkled the decorative glass over the mod podge.

You will want to be sure to take your fingers and pat the decorative glass into the mod podge.

You will let this dry and you can add more mod podge to any bare spots that might have occurred and sprinkle on more glass.

You can add a small battery operated tea light to your jar. This is so easy to create and you can use any type of glass jar.

You can find the exact napkin I used here and if you use the code ANGEL you will receive 10% off your entire purchase: