I love decorative dish towels for my kitchen and I love to hang them on my oven door . There are so many decorative dish towels in the stores but I wanted one that will hang and one that would match my decor. I am always using lace and doilies throughout my home which is why I’m creating this decorative hanging towel.

This is such a simple DIY and the supplies you will need are:

1. Dish towel

2. Fabric glue

3. Scissors

4. Ribbons

You will want to fold your towel but not completely in half. The front of your towel should be longer then the back

I am using a very wide ribbon that I will be glueing to the front and back of my towel.

You will want to cut a notch out of the center ends of your ribbon before glueing them down.

Do this same process to the other side of the towel.

The purpose of cutting the notch is to allow your thinner ribbon to slide through your thicker ribbon. Be sure to glue the outer edges of your thicker ribbon down.

Cut 2 strips of a thinner ribbon. You will be sliding these 2 strips through your thicker strips of ribbon that are glued to your towel.

I’m using my scissors to help me get the ribbon to the other end.

Once you have both ribbons through it is now time to tie the towel over the handle of your oven or refrigerator.

Tie your ends into a cute bow.

I just love how easy this is to make and how cute it turned out. I hope you will all give it a try.