Fall is approaching quickly and it seems like a lot of the holiday decor is black and white. I have always wanted to do a variety of pumpkins going up my front porch steps. I wanted something that wouldn’t rot and can be outside in the weather. I knew as soon as I saw these plastic bowls in the Dollar Tree I was going to try making pumpkins.

The supplies you will need are plastic bowls( the ones I will be using are from The Dollar Tree)
spray paint,
gorilla glue
and a knob of your choice.
Your first step is to put the gorilla glue all around the rim of one bowl.

After you have the glue around whole rim then you need to place your other bowl on top of the bowl with glue.

Once they are dried together it is time to spray paint. I will be doing a few pumpkins and chose to paint them cream and black.

You will need to completely cover the bowls. I sprayed light coats and gave each coat a few minutes to dry. Once they are completely dry you can give them a light coat of polyurethane spray to protect the paint. Now it is time to glue the knobs onto the top. This will act as the stem to the pumpkin.

You will need to take the screw off of the knob so that you can put glue onto base of knob.

Place your knobs on the top and in the center. Once the knob is completely dried your pumpkin is finished.

I love these because they are plastic and will hold up being outside in the weather. Doing a variety of colors and sizes would make a unique statement.