I found myself in Target today and I found two wooden items that I knew I had to buy. These are just plain and reversible wooden cutouts. I bought a round one and a square one. One side is tan and the other side is a white.

We are always crafting and creating fun and unique items here at The Shabby Tree. When I saw these wooden cut outs I knew we could create some type of unique bunny.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. The square and circle wooden cut outs from Target

2. Two aluminum cookie sheets from the Dollar Tree

3. Glue gun

4. Scissors

5. Floral stems (mine are from Hobby Lobby)

6. Piece of burlap (at least an 8” x 8”)

7. Twine

The first step is to glue your two pieces together. I glued the circle piece onto the square piece. I slightly overlapped the circle piece and used the hot glue to hold them together.

I cute the edges off of the cookie sheets.

I cut a piece of cookie sheet 7 inches by 6 inches.

I cut a piece of burlap to go over the cookie tin. You will want to cut the burlap slightly bigger then the cookie tin.

I then glued the cookie tin to the piece of burlap. The next step is to glue the cookie tin side to the square wooden piece.

Be sure to form a pocket when glueing it in place.

I also used the cookie sheet to cut out ears for the bunny.

I cut two pieces for each ear and I will glue them together. Two pieces will help give the ear more support for standing up.

I glued the ears onto the top of the wooden circle piece. I made sure to cover the holes from where the twine hanger was.

There are holes at the top corner of the square piece of wood. I decided to cut out two arms from the cookie sheet to help hide these holes.

I glued the arms in place at the top corners of the square piece of wood.

I added greenery to the front pouch.

I wanted to add something to the top area where I attached the ears. You can use twine and glue pieces of the greenery onto it. This created a cute head piece that I glued onto the top of the bunny.

I cut a small flower of of the cookie sheet and glued twine in the center.

This bunny is so easy to create and there are so many different ways to create it. I hope this will inspire you to look at items and get creative with them. This bunny I created can be placed any where in your home.