I found myself in Target today and the dollar spot had a lot of fun Christmas items. There was a bag of Christmas filler for $3.00 that caught my eye. The bag contains 2 flocked greenery pieces that gave me an idea. I think we can use the bag of filler to create a fun and unique decorative deer head.









Some other items that I’ll be using for this deer head are:

1. Twine

2. Scissors

3. Hot glue

4. Black and white paint

The first step is to use the twine to attach the pine cones together as shown in photos below.

You will knot the twine around the top three pine cones.

You will need to wrap the twine in all different directions to get all of the pinecones together.

Once you have all 6 pine cones secured together you’ll then knot the twine.

The next step is to add the 2 flocked greenery stems as antlers.

I added some hot glue and placed each sprig between the pine cones.

Once you have the sprigs glued in place then you’ll add the leaves as ears.

I added the white foam berries as eyes but I then changed my mind.

I decided to go outside and find another pine cone in my yard.

I pulled off 2 small pieces from the cone to create a more rustic looking eye.

This will not be for everyone but I hope it get’s you to look at things in a fun and unique way.