Everyone seems to use dish towels in their kitchen which is why this DIY is such a great gift idea. There are are a variety of styles of kitchen towels in all the stores. You just need to find a dish towel and a hot pad and you can create one stinking cute angel.

The supplies you will need are: 1. Dish towel 2. Hot pad 3. Scissors 4. Ribbon 5. Broach or pendant ( this is optional)

The first thing you will need to do is gather your hot pad in the center.

You will then need to take a piece of your ribbon and tie it around the center of the hot pad. You will want to make sure this is pulled real tight which will help you have a nice gathered looking.

Now you will need to lay your towel out and begin to fold it like a fan. You will be folding it back and forth in small sections.

Once it is all folded you will want to fold it in half.



You need to form the head if your angel. Take a piece of your ribbing and tie it around the towel a few inches down.

You will want to attach this to your hot pad. I took a long piece of ribbon and wrapped it around the towel again and then came up around the hot pad.







Once you have the hot pad tightly tied to your towel you will have an angel. You can add a ribbon and broach to the front.

I want to give this angel to a friend so I am adding a cute hang tag.

This is such a great gift idea. There is no glue involved so if you take the angel apart you can use the towel and hot pad. This can be made with any towel or hot pad.

The towel and hot pads I am using are from Walmart.

You can add a broach or any embellishment to the front of the angel.