Your all going to want to pull out your dish towels and wash cloths to give this a try. This is so simple to make and is adorable to put in your bathroom or kitchen for a spring decoration.



The supplies you will need are:

1. One dish towel

2. Two wash cloths

3. Twine

4. Scissors

5. 2 clear hair bands ( you can use rubber bands )





The first thing you will need to do is fold your dish towel .





You will fold each side of your towel toward the center.





Now you will find your towel over. Do not fold it completely in half. I left about 2 inches shorter on one side. This will be your back side.





You will take one wash cloth and fold it . Bring two corners in to the center and then fold in half.





Place the wash cloth up under the fold of the dish towel.





Take a piece of twine and tie it around the towel. This will form the head of your bunny.





Take the clear band and tie it around the wash cloth to form your ears.





You will pull the two ends of the wash cloth together and wrap the band around.



You will now take the second wash cloth and fold it the same way as the last one. Add the wash cloth up and under the fold of the dish towel. Add a plastic band around the the towel.





You will now bring the two end of the dish cloth together and either tie with the twine or add a plastic band.





You can also add a cute decorative hang tag.





This is a quick and easy spring decoration that I hope you will all give a try.