Summer is here and it is time to start decorating for Memorial Day and Fourth of July. I’m a huge crafter so I seem to have a lot of material lying around. I knew I wanted to create a rag flag and decided that a cooling rack would be a great item to create my flag with. The cooling rack that I am using for this project is from the Dollar Tree.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Material (you will want to use a red, a white and a blue material to create the colors of the American flag)

2. Cooling rack (I got this one from Dollar Tree)

3. Scissors

4. White pom poms

5. Glue gun

The first step is to cut your strips of material.


I am cutting about 60 blue strips and 170 red strips and about 125 white strips. My numbers are different for the white and red because I’m using 2 different kinds of materials. I am using a thicker old white bedspread for my white strips and a cotton red floral print material for my red strips. You can always cut and add more strips as needed.

I am starting with my blue strips first. You will start in your upper left corner. I am folding my strip of material in half and folding over the metal bar and bring the ends of the material up and through.

You will do this for four rows down and two sections over.

Once you have all your blue section done it is time to start the red going across the top bar.

I am doing 2 rows of red and then 2 rows of white. I will continue alternating the red and white until the rack is full.

Once your strips of material are all complete it is time to add the pom poms for the stars.

I am just adding a few using hot glue.

This is very easy to make just takes some time adding all of the strips of material. It turns out amazing and can be hung any where in your home. I added some twine for a hanger. I hope you will all give this a try.