I was walking through the Dollar Tree looking for some items to get creative with. We have changed up so many different items from the Dollar Tree in the past but we have never used a cutting mat. I think there are so many different things we can create with these cutting mats. I want to see if we can turn this cutting mat into a fun hanging yard decoration.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Dollar Tree flexible cutting mat

2. Hole puncher

3. Scissors

4. Marker

5. Dollar tree wooden watering can cut out

6. Rust-oleum forged hammered spray paint ( antique pewter)

7. Small pearl ribbon

8. X-acto knife

9. Dollar Tree chain plant hanger

10. Rub’n buff color Silver Leaf ( optional)

You will get 2 cutting mats in the pack. The first step is to draw your image onto the mat. I’ll be tracing a wooden watering can cut out from the Dollar Tree.

I do not want the flowers on top so I’ll just draw a handle.

Once you have your image drawn you’ll then cut it out.

I used the x-acto knife to cut out the handles.

I used the hole puncher on the handle and spout. The holes were not big enough for the pearls to slide through so I used a wood burning tool to make them bigger.

The next step is to spray paint your cut out.

I did both sides with the spray paint.

I then slid some pearls through 3 or 4 of the holes.

I used one strand of the chain for a hanger.

I’m not sure if the spout will stay straight in the heat but I love how it turned out. I added some of the silver leaf rub’n buff to the one in the photo below.

This is very easy to make and you can create so many different things.


I think it would be fun to create some red cardinals or blue jays to hang in a tree. These are fun to make and I hope you’ll give it a try.