I was in the Dollar Tree and I happen to see some orange glass items that looked just like pumpkins. These glass jars make amazing pumpkins. I added a few items and created an amazing g light up pumpkin.

The glass jars are an orange color with a wide opening in the top.

A few other items I used are:

1. Plastic canning jar lid (I found these lids in Walmart)

2. Some brown paint

3. Paint brush

4. Spanish moss

5. A stick

6. Glue gun

7. Small puck light (I purchased the puck lights from amazon)

The first thing is to paint your lid. You can use any type of lid for this project. I am using a plastic canning jar lid and I also have a rusty lid.

The next step is to glue your stick to the top of your lid.

I then added some Spanish moss and I placed the puck light into the jar.

Once the puck light is in the jar and the lid is on top you have an amazing light up glass pumpkin.

These are so easy to create and make an amazing fall decoration!