If you’re following The Shabby Tree then you all know I’m obsessed with trees. When I am shopping I am always looking at things to see if I can create some type of tree out of it. I was in the Dollar Tree and I just knew that the mop pads that they have would make a fun and easy tree.

I will be coloring my mop pads with some acrylic paint. You will need a bowl of water and then you will put in some of the paint.

I will just keep adding paint until the water is the shade I want.

You will then dip the mop pad in and ring it out. I took some of the paint and rubbed a little extra onto the mop pad here and there. This gave the mop pad a few darker areas of green here and there. I then laid them out in the sun to dry. You will need two mop pads per tree.

Once they are dry you will need a few other supplies.

I will be using some surebonder fabric glue, a thick tree limb, some stuffing and ribbons.

We will be folding the sides of the top half of the mop pad in. I am adding surebonder glue and then folding the sides in.

You will do this to both mop pads. The next step is to glue the two mop pads together. I first added some glue to the very top and sqeezed both mop pads together.

Be sure to glue the back side of the mops together.

Once I glued them together at the very top I then added glue down the sides

Be sure to squeeze the two mop heads together. Do not put glue in the center because you will need to add stuffing up into the tree.

I added stuffing up into three but I left room to fit my tree branch.

Once you have your tree branch up into the tree you will then want to adding more stuffing.

You can decorate these trees or leave as is. I added some ribbon from Hobby Lobby to one of my trees and a few small doilies to the other.

You can get creative and use a variety of items for the trunk of the tree. There are so many ways you can create and decorate these trees. I hope you will all get creative and give this a try!