We have been creating so many different types of Christmas decorations here at The Shabby Tree but we have not done a lot of reindeer items. After digging though my Dollar Tree items I realized that a Dollar Tree plunger can be used to create a fun rudolf.

The supplies I will be using are :

1. One Dollar Tree plunger

2. Hot glue

3. Black permanent marker

4. White paint

5. Paint brush

6. Two small tree limbs

7. Small red ball Christmas ornament

8. Brown felt

9. Scissors

10. Drill with drill bit ( you want your drill bit to be slightly smaller then the thickness of the of tree limbs)

The first step is to remove the wooden pole from the plunger.

You will want to place two dots where you will want the antlers to go. I made sure to use the nose area to center my antlers.

You will use the drill to drill the holes.

Once the holes are drilled you will want to create the eyes. I am using a black permanent marker to draw the eyes.

Once the eyes are drawn you will fill them in with white paint as shown in photo below.

Once the eyes are done you will want to glue the red ball ornament on.

I removed the top part of the ornament.

You will add just a small amount of hot glue to the inside rim.

You will insert the tree limbs into the holes that you drilled.

I secured them together on the back side with some hot glue. This is an optional step but I feel like it helps to keep them securely in place.

I drew a small mouth. The last step is to cut out some ears from the felt.

I placed some hot glue on the edge to attach the ears in place.

This is so easy to make and can be added to any tree or placed in a wreath. I hope you will get creative and give this rudolf a try.