I love decorating with silver , cream and glass items throughout my home. I usually find a lot of my old silver items in my local thrift stores but I recently found some fun oval silver platters in our local Dollar Tree.We made an amazing pumpkin out of three splatter screens from the Dollar Tree and I just knew there had to be a way to create a fun pumpkin out of these silver platters. Fall is right around the corner and I would love to add something fun to all my silver pieces that I have in my home.



The supplies I will be using for this are:
1. Three oval silver platters from the Dollar Tree
2. Glue gun
3. Wooden shim
4. Cream chunky yarn
5. Scissors
6. Small doilies and ribbon



We will be glueing the three silver platters together. You will put 2 of them side by side and then glue the third on top in the center.




Once your platters are glued in place you will need to create your stem.




I cut a piece of the wooden shim and then glued on some chunky yarn. You will want to glue this stem onto the center back of your silver platters.




I then added some ribbons around the stem and doilies to the front. You can glue some bling to the doily to dress it up.





This is so easy to make and I hope you will all give it a try.