If your looking for something fun and easy to make for your Christmas tree then you need to give this a try. I find myself in the Dollar Tree a lot and as soon as I saw this wooden snowflake I knew what I wanted to do. I also thought I could do the same technique in a set of light up snowflakes they have.

The supplies you will need:

Wooden snowflake (this is from the Dollar tree)

Light up iclicle( this is from the Dollar tree)

Cotton balls

Hot glue gun

Elmer’s glue Paint brush

Crystal glitter

Instant coffee (this is optional$

The first thing I did was coffee stain my cotton balls. This is totally an optional step. I like my things to look grungy which is why I like to coffee stain and it makes them smell so good. I dipped the cotton balls into a bowl of instant coffee. I squeezed them out real good and then placed them into a garment bag for my dryer. I put them in the dryer with a large towel donut will absorb the coffee while drying.

Once my cotton balls were dry I started gluing them onto my wooden snowflake. You will want to lightly rip apart the cotton ball before gluing to the snowflake.
Here I am gluing some onto snowflake that are not coffee stained.
Once you have the whole snowflake covered with cotton balls then it’s time to paint on some Elmer’s glue. I just take a paint brush and paint the Elmer’s glue over the whole
Once the snowflake is covered with Elmer’s glue I then sprinkle on my crystal glitter.