I love decorating my porch for Christmas and I have been looking for larger items to put in it. Everything I have been seeing seems to be pricey so I thought I would just make some. You will love this DIY because it is easy and very cost efficient.

The supplies you will need are :

1. Six white trees from the Dollar Tree.

2. Duct tape ( I found white duct tape from the Dollar Tree)

3. Scissors

4. Glue gun

5. Tinsel ( optional)

You will need to take all the trees out of the boxes and discard all the bottom plastic pieces for the trees. The first step will be to tape 2 trees together at a time. You will be taping the bottom posts of trees together. It will look like photo below.

You will do this process for all 6 trees. You will now have 3 pieces that you will be taping together to form your snowflake. Place 2 pieces together forming an x and then add duct tape to the center holding those two pieces together.


You can then add the third piece forming your snowflake. Take the duct tape and secure all 3 pieces together. I just keep wrapping the duct tape in all directions to secure all three pieces in place.

Once your pieces are all secure it is time to fluff all your pieces up as shown in photo above.

This snowflake is so easy to make and turns out amazing. I love this because it’s a larger Christmas decoration and I can create it match my decor.