It is time to start thinking about Christmas and how you want to decorate your Christmas Tree. A lot of people seem to love snowmen and I came up with a way to create a fun decoration to mix in with a few snowmen. When I think about snow and snowmen I also think about snow shovels. You can easily turn a kids broom and dust pan set from the Dollar Tree into a fun decorative snow shovel.






The supplies I will be using are:
1. Dollar Tree kids broom and dust pan set
2. Hot glue
3. Scissors
4. Pruning shears
5. White paint
6. Paint brush
7. Caramel colored spray paint
8. Black and white check ribbon







The first step is to cut off the broom end from the handle. I found this very easy to do with my pruning shears.







You will also want to cut a part of the dust pan handle off as shown in photo below.







Once you have both pieces cut you will then cover them with the spray paint.








I used white paint to write out Let It Snow on the dust pan.






I used hot glue to attach the pole to the back of the dust pan handle.





You can give a coat of a polyurethane spray to help protect the paint.





I tied a strip of black and white ribbon around the area where I connected the two pieces together.







This is very easy to make and makes a great decoration to add to your snowmen or to a tree.





I hope you will get creative and give this fun DIY a try.