I love fall and I just love decorating for it. One of my favorite things to decorate with for fall are pumpkins. I know you can find pumpkins in almost every store but I like to have certain sizes and certain colors for each pumpkin. I have been decorating a lot with lace and burlap and decided to try making some pumpkins with it. If you want a simple and quick way to make a fabric pumpkin then you need to give this project a try.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Material  you can use any print or type of material you want)

2. Stuffing

3. A hot glue gun

4. A marker

5. Spanish moss

6. Twine (you could also use dental floss in place of twine)

7. Scissors

8. A twig for the stem

9. A needle (your needle must have a wide opening to thread twine through)

The first step is to cut a piece of twine. I cut an 11 inch piece of twine which makes an average size pumpkin. This piece of twine is going to form our circle which will make our pumpkin. The longer your piece of twine, the bigger your pumpkin will be.




You need to lay your material down and pick up your piece of twine. I take one hand and stabilize one end of the twine into my material. Then I take the other end of twine and the marker in my other hand and rotate around to form a circle.

Once you have completed a circle you then need to cut it out.



Once you have your cirlce cut out it’s time to sew a basting stitch. You need to thread your needle with your twine and do a basting stitch around the whole circle. If your material is printed be sure your material will be facing down because this will be the outside of your pumpkin.

When you have completed the basting stitch completely around your circle you need to make sure your 2 end pieces are coming out of pumpkin. Having your end pieces coming out makes it much easier to pull.

Now it’s time to add your stuffing. I added enough stuffing to make my pumpkin full but not over stuffed. Once you have stuffed the pumpkin pull both pieces of twine to close your opening.

You want to close the opening but be sure to leave a little space to put your twig in for the stem. Next, you want to double knot your ends.



After you have knotted your two pieces of twine, cut the ends off and glue your stem in.



Next, take some Spanish moss and glue it around the top of the stem. 



This pumpkin is so quick and easy to make. I love it because you can make a variety of sizes as well as different colors and prints. You can also add a variety of different things such as moss, doilies, ribbons, bows or foliage to the top of the pumpkin. These pumpkins allow you to be as creative as you’d like and I really hope you all give them a try!