Ok we all seem to love the look of a grapevine tree but let’s be real they are a mess to make. A grapevine tree is an amazing decoration to add to your home. We have been using a lot of brown craft paper here at The Shabby Tree which gave me the idea to try and use it for creating a tree similar to a grapevine tree.

The supplies I will be using are :

1. One 42” galvanized tomato cage

2. One rubber band

3. Hot glue

4. Three rolls of brown craft paper from the Dollar Tree

5. Scissors

6. Brown spray paint ( optional)

You will want to use the rubber band to connect the three poles to the tomato cage together.

The next step is to cut strips of the brown craft paper. The paper measures 30 inches wide and I placed a marked every 10 inches.

I cut three 10 inch wide strips and then I cut them trips in half again.

This will give you 6 strips each 5 inches wide for each roll of craft paper.

I decided to use a spray bottle of water to help soften the paper making it easier to twist and crinkle.

You will want to start at the bottom and wrap the brown paper around the bottom ring of the cage. I will be twisting the paper as I wrap it around the tomato cage.

Once I had the paper glued around the bottom ring I then started adding the next layer of paper.

You will be using a lot of glue as you continue wrapping the craft paper around the tomato cage.
I continued to lightly spray the craft paper as I twisted it and wrapped it around the tomato cage.
You will continue this all the way up to the top of the tomato cage. This will take some time but I promise it will be so worth it.
Once I had the tomato cage completely wrapped I then took it outside to give it a coat of spray paint.
I wanted to give it more of a grapevine color so I decided to add some spray paint.
Once the paint was dry I added a set of our brown twinkle lights. You can find the brown twinkle lights on our website right here https://theshabbytreeboutique.com/shop-mBiWY/p/twinkle-lights-with-brown-cord
This tree is so easy to make and turns out amazing. If you have always wanted a grapevine tree then I strongly suggest you give this a try.