I seem to have been buying a variety of books of card stock paper and I need to start using them. You can find books filled with all different prints of paper in almost any craft store. Some of my favorite have sheets of paper that are prints of old wood. As soon as I saw a particular sheet I knew that I can use this paper to make a faux wooden heart.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Cardboard

2. Wooden print scrap book paper

3. Three wooden shims

4. Scissors

5. Cream chalk paint

6. Paint brush

7. Hot glue

8. Ruler stick

9. Mod podge

10. X-Acto knife

This particular craft can be created to be any shape and any size. I will be creating a heart for Valentine’s Day. The first step is to create your pattern.

I cut a heart shape pattern from a sheet of paper. Once you have a pattern you will then trace it into your piece of cardboard and then cut it out.

I traced my cardboard heart onto my wood print paper and then cut it out. You will want to add mod podge onto the card board and then place the paper heart on top.

I want to create spaces between the strips of wood. You can use a ruler stick and an x-acto knife to cut along the lines in the wood print.

I cut along all four lines which creates 5 pieces to my heart.

I will be connecting these pieces together using the 3 wooden shims.

I painted all 3 wooden shims with the cream chalk paint.

You will want to decide where you will be placing the wooden shims and cut them to size.

Flip the heart so that your good side is facing down and then glue on the wooden shims. Be sure to have your spaces between each layer of the heart.


My paper had small prints of nail heads in it. I decided to add a few brads to give a fun 3d effect to my heart.






This was so easy to make and I love how it looks like real wood. I hope you will get creative and give this fun DIY a try.