Spring is around the corner and I have a lot of fun craft ideas but I want to add flowers to a few of them. I want fabric flowers and I knew that felt would be very easy to work with. I will be making two different types of felt flowers. One will require hot glue and the other will require a needle and embroidery thread.

I picked up sheets if felt in a variety of colors. You can find felt in any craft store. I cut a small petal pattern fir the first flower. You can make your petal as big or as small as you want.

I then traced the petal into the felt. You will trace the petal 5 times straight across.

You will then cut out your strip of petals. Be sure to leave the petals all connected together.

You will then use the needle and embroidery thread to do a basting stitch along the bottom edge of your strip.

You will pull the ends tight and tie a double knot.

You can leave this flower as is or you can add an embellishment to the center.

You will need a circle pattern for the second flower. I cut the center out of a paper plate.

You will trace the circle onto the felt. You will cut the circle out but you will cut it in a wave pattern.

You will then cut into the circle and continue cutting around in a spiral effect until you get to the center of the circle.

You will take the end and start rolling . Be sure to roll the inner part of the end. I placed a small amount of hot glue here and there as I rolled the felt.

Glue the center end to the back part of the flower.

These flowers are so easy to make and you can make them in so many different colors.

These flowers are going to look amazing on so many of our Spring crafts.